Sunday, April 10, 2011

Oh where has my little lamb gone?

Today was a fun day because I got to go to my friend Maria's house for her monthly class, which I haven't been able to go to for a few months.

The project we got to do today was a lamb box with little lamb note cards. Again this is a project I've wanted to try just have never gotten around to doing it. 3D or ABC projects are one of the reasons why I like to go to Maria's classes because more then likely I wouldn't do the project if it was just me. Don't ask me why, I have plenty of instructions laying around here just waiting for me to do, maybe one of these days I will do them but then again I think I'll need some shelving up on my walls before I start to do that to be able to show them off since my current shelves are getting full.

The reason for my title is there should actually be 3 small lambs & I had them all just before the picture was taken however when I went to pose them I could only find 2. I have since found the 3rd one he was hiding in between some papers I had moved in order to take the photo.


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