Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Cute Gifts

     I have been anxious about today for a week now & now that it is over I get to wait another 2 weeks before I get my results back & figure out where to go next if the results aren't good. But here's hoping with all my fingers & toes crossed that all will be okay.
     Enough dwelling on things I can't change at the moment. Instead I will show you a wonderful gift package I got from a new VC Rocker this year. She says it was a thank you for my help, but I say it wasn't necessary since I was just doing my job. But it is oh so cute, so I couldn't resist not sharing it. Thanks again Robbie!
      In this little package I had a notepad, a mini notepad, keyring notepad, a magnet, & a card that tied the whole package together. Aren't these cute? Just gives you ideas for ABC type swaps or gifts in general.

     I am still trying to get my room all finished so I can finally show you the beautiful after pictures of my stamp room in pristine condition before I totally destroy it trying to get back to stamping. I didn't get as far as I wanted last week & not sure how much this week I will get to, but here is to hoping!!!


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