Monday, October 3, 2011

World Cardmaking Day

     Hello Stampers!
     I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. How many of you got to stamp something on Saturday for the World Cardmaking Day? I thought I would get to it, but I never got back around to it. What I did do is help pack goody boxes for the troops, so that counts for something right? I also found out how fast candy could disappear, 30 BIG bags of candy lasted less than 5 minutes. But hopefully the troops will share & have lots of fun with their packages.
     I really am going to try & do a project in between the current project that I'm working on which is to turn as many Christmas card fronts into full cards & try to make more before this coming weekend (fingers crossed) with a final deadline if I can't get a lot done  now I have to have them done by the 21st, that is the last of the boxes getting sent over in time for the troops to send the cards back to loved ones in the States. Wish me luck! Anyone happen to know if candy canes will be out before the 21st of October? I wanna do paper stockings & add those to them, but not sure my idea is going to work since I don't think they will be out until after Halloween.
     In the meantime, if you would like to share any projects that you did this weekend for WCD I would love to see them & I'll share with everybody else here on my blog. Until next time, happy stamping everyone!!!

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