Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Stamp room demo..

     Hello stampers,
     I hope you all are doing wonderful & working on lots of stamp projects. Me, well I started demo'ing my stamp room 2 weeks ago. I started painting & realized I really hated the chair rail that was in there & wouldn't take the paint well. So off came the chair rail & very minor parts of the wall, oopsie! Onward to spackling, sand papering, & repainting. Then I realize I have OCD, because I could still see areas that weren't sand papered very well, so took all of last week off per my dear sweet hubby (although I think he was doing it for him so he wouldn't have to hear me complain for a bit). So Monday, I started to repeat all that I did before to try to smooth the mountains & valleys in my walls, except I am now putting bigger rips in my walls. I actually think I need to stop while I am ahead, maybe I'll take over the dining room we never use & get to work there. Wonder if hubby would notice?
     One of these days I will have a place to stamp, but until then I will bring you cards that I have found on some of my favorite blogs that I follow & think are beautiful. Will have to remember to copy these later.
     First on the list comes from Michelle Zindorf.  I totally love the way she made the pumpkins look like they were on a counter. I so need to copy the way she did these pumpkins, I know I have some squiggly, swirly stamps somewhere in boxes.
      Jan Tink, has got me thinking about Christmas with this next card. I think I really need to get this set now.
I love what Mary Jo Price-Williams did with this sketch. It is an easy way to use up your DSP scratch paper (that I have way too much of).
Hope you like these cards as well & if you are in a slump that they help push you to go for it.

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