Thursday, August 1, 2013

Holiday catalog is LIVE!

Hey stampers,
     Hope you have had a wonderful time looking at the new Holiday Catalog that went live today. What you haven't seen it yet? Then head on over to this link & see it for yourself, HERE!
     As for my move, we made it to Rochester mid-June & have been looking for a house ever since. It took 3 tries but we finally got a contract & if there are no problems we should close on 9/5. So that means I still have another month in the hotel. Life here isn't all too bad it just doesn't allow a lot of space to be creative in, especially when I only have a short supply of my total stamp room. I'm really hoping to get a few ideas going in my head so I can join this last round of swaps for VC Rocks but I just haven't had a inkling of success with the stress of the house hunt or more days than I care to count of migraines. ICK!


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