Tuesday, September 10, 2013

I'm hoping.....

to be back really soon! We finally have the keys to our new house here in Greece, NY. YEAH! But we are still moving in, got tons of boxes to get through especially to even get into my stamp room. So most likely to be able to do any stamping I'll be using the dining room table for a bit, hubby will not be pleased. Our internet will hopefully be up & running next week, so depending on how far I get with the boxes & painting of the walls, will determine how much play time I get.
     The one thing I like about NY so far is the weather, we've had fall like weather for the last week, I say this now until winter hits then I reserve the right to change my mind about liking the weather. Although today & the next 2 days are supposed to be in the upper 80s or low 90s, no wonder I can't get rid of my cough, it just needs to stay a constant 70 year round, then I would be a happy camper!!
     While I haven't had a chance to stamp very much, I have been able to surf quite a bit & I really like this fall card by Ann Schach, click HERE to go to her blog & see how she made this card.
Hope to see you all soon!

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